Synod of Evangelical Churches of the Augsburg Confession (the SECAC or Synod of ECAC) is a voluntary association of Lutheran communities, churches, believers and ministers.

The Synod was created so that ministers, even those who located in different countries and preaching in different churches, could jointly and effectively work on projects, spread the light of the Gospel and improve their pastoral qualifications. Also, Synod supports the newly elected ministers in their work, as well as the laity in a deeper study of Lutheran Doctrine.

One of the aims of Synod is also to protect Lutheran Faith from distortions and heresies, an independent assessment and expert opinions on issues related to the Doctrine of the Lutheran church by the request of ministers, laity or communities.

Synod was established by a group of clergymen from different churches, and now the communities and ministers of the Synod are located in five countries – Russia, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand. We hope that in the future the number of countries and communities will grow.

Learn our Regulations, as well as our Structure and Doctrine. If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact details provided on the Contact page.